You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. -Galileo

I believe that no matter what you think you are lacking; you are what you have always been looking for. With this is mind, I'll help you find greatness within yourself so you can immediately begin to LEAD with AUDACITY, TEAM UP to DOMINATE, SPEAK with IMPACT, SELL with POWER, NETWORK to GROW,  & SHOW UP to WIN.



You don’t have to be great to start,
but you have to start to be great.

Training Course:

Outclass your competition and discover the techniques to be successful in business.

Training Course:

Master the Enagic business model and earn substantial extra income.

Training Course:

Discover the techniques that make people listen and buy from you.


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Hi, I’m Jalal,

I am an entrepreneur, leader, coach and international speaker here to help you become the person you most want to be. I’m also an engineer, husband, father of 4 & multiple business owner. Educated in the USA, UK and Syria I will teach you the best practices of all three worlds.

With over 21 years of experience between USA and UAE I am Enagic’s team leader of the fastest growing team in the Middle East, the first ACE mentor in the Middle East and the only PSA (Professional Speakers Academy-London, UK) graduate in the Middle East region.


I provide the only training in the Middle East to help public speakers explore their network marketing potential and tackle the fortune waiting for them in the industry. For both marketing beginners & professionals you will discover how mastering public speaking will elevate your business.

You will start your day as a Public Speaker or a Network Marketer and you will walk out as a NETWORK SPEAKER, ready to use your newly developed skills to take your business to the very next level.

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The only way to know what’s coming tomorrow is by creating it today. You will be in control of your destiny, you will be in control of your business for tomorrow, and that’s how confident you will become. Tomorrow will deliver more sales, more business, more income, more growth, more followers, more team members, more team leaders, and most importantly more of YOU.

After working with me you can expect a formidable change to happen in your life on a personal, professional and financial level. Attract everything you ever wished to have. Build a winning team that listens to you, looks up to you and helps you succeed. Start being seen as the person that everyone looks up to and wants to work with.


“Am so grateful for meeting this inspiring person yesterday, Jalal Zaitouni. I wanna thank you for all the inspiration and value you showed me yesterday”

“Will be considered as pioneer day of my career in Kangen water world. Jalal the way you guide us how to present yourself and company together in public. Am honour for that”

“I had my first session with Jalal and I was completely blown away at the depth of insight and creativity. Thank you for your help so far.”

“Thank you Jalal "and team" for the Essential Kangen Workshop held in Dubai...it was brilliant training! Thank you!.”

FAQ: I am very nervous when speaking to my colleagues in team meetings. How can I fix this?

Before college students gave their final speeches, a professor at Harvard Business School asked them to speak out loud three words, either “I am calm” or “I am excited.”

That one word—calm or excited—was enough to change the quality of their speeches. When students labelled their emotions as excitement, their speeches rated 17% more persuasive and 15% more confident than students who named themselves calm.

Reframing fear as excitement also motivated the speakers, boosting the average length of their speeches by 29%. In another experiment, when students were nervous before taking a tough maths test, they scored 22% higher if they were told “Try to get excited” instead of “Try to remain calm”.

FAQ: I want to be a network marketer. But where do I start?

Getting started the right way in a network marketing career is crucial to your success. Finding the right COPU (Company, Opportunity, Product and Upline) is challenging as there are thousands of potential network marketing companies out there. Only 100 companies are responsible for 90% of industry global sales, but even choosing one of these may be the wrong decision based on your geographical location. The competition could already be strong within your area, highly congested with distributors of the same company.

Start by finding a company that has the best opportunity, with high entry ticket (Not everyone can get in), operate in the right territory, joint the right team & finally make sure you make high bucks in the first month. Help as many people as you can and start enjoying network marketing from the beginning, this will help you stick to it for a very long time. Remember it’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint race.

FAQ: When I host meetings my colleagues talk amongst each other. What am I doing wrong?

You need to start with a hook and have a “WOW Factor” and repeat this every few minutes throughout your talk. The best hooks tell your audience straight away “What’s In It For Them”. And the WOW factor could be a new eBook you recently read, a new quote, or a fact your audience has not heard before.

Just keep in mind when you are talking to your team it’s not about you! It’s about them and how they can improve their business using what you have got to say. Think of their take away, their take away is going to come from you, so what do you intend to “Give Them” not “Take from Them”.

FAQ: Before I walk onto a stage to speak at a public event my heart is racing and I'm short of breath. What can I do to calm down?
To overcome fear, getting excited works better than trying to calm yourself down. Fear is an intense emotion where you can feel your heart pumping and your blood running. In this situation, trying to relax is like slamming on the brakes when a car is going very fast. The car still has momentum. Rather than trying to suppress a strong emotion, it’s easier to convert it into a different emotion, one that’s equally intense, but propels us to step on the gas.


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